Accompanied Tours

To ensure smooth access as far as possible and throughout your holiday, we accompany your trip. 

  • We meet you at the Indonesian airport and from then on ensure to the best of our abilities that barriers are avoided, removed or overcome. Especially for European guests, we can also meet you at your home airport by our European team members.
  • During your tour, we provide special wheelchairs, portable ramps, toilet support and other equipment in prior consultation with you.
  • We organise accessibility everywhere and as far as possible. For example, we can sometimes avoid stairs by using side-entrances, but need permission by the authorities to do so.
  • When needed, a trained assistant (if needed more than one) joins tours to help wheelchair users. When more help is required, particularly at stairs (temples!), the wheelchair assistant leads a small team of local assistants.
  • For support that we are not able to give, we are happy to arrange additional assistance for you. See ‘Further Assistance’ below.
  • We help with procedures at airports, in hotels etc.


        Assistive Equipment

We do our best to organise other equipment you may need during your travel.

Long telescopic ramps  – Short foldable ramps – Portable grab bars – Transfer board – Out doors wheelchair – Aisle wheelchair – Portable toilet chair – Shower chair – Walking frame with and without seat – Foldable platform to access high car seats – Beach wheelchair

Further Assistance

On request, we arrange, for example, assistance for longer-distance wheelchair pushing; nurses (per night or hour), physiotherapy, massages and others support. 

Medical Care

At every location, we are in contact with internationally recommended hospitals. We have good connections with English speaking doctors and other hospital staff who can assist in getting quality care in case this should be required.