Bali – Yogyakarta – Jakarta


Three classic destinations in one journey: Bali, where Hinduism is alive and temples belong to every-day life, and Yogyakarta with its monumental Buddhist-Hindu temples, built a thousand years ago. Experience the diversity of Indonesia at the end of the journey: the Megacity Jakarta!



Day 1

We pick you up from the airport in Bali’s capital Denpasar and bring you to your hotel at the relaxed Sanur beach.

Sanur Beach

Sanur Promenade

Day 2

A day for recovery after the long flight. Enjoy the hotel and its extensive garden, the beach and the warm, calm Ocean. In the afternoon, we take a walk along the Sanur beach promenade.

Day 3

Today we go north and visit Tirta Empul, a temple around sacred water fountains. Later we stop at a wood carving workshop and a traditional Mask museum in tropical gardens. In the early evening, enjoy the performance of the Kecak Firedance on the famous Batubulan stage.

 Tirta Empul


Day 4

A trip to the UNESCO heritage rice terraces of Jatiluwih! On the way back we visit the Sangeh Nutmeg forest with its friendly monkeys.

Day 5

We check out of our hotel in Sanur and move eastwards to Candidasa. A stop at Goa Lawah on the way, inhabited by thousands of sacred bats, and at the traditional salt production in Kusamba.

Goa Lawah


Day 6

Today we go on an adventurous tour to the Lempuyang Temple, high up in the mountains, with a spectacular view onto the active volcano Mt Agung. In the neighbourhood, at the foot of the mountain, lies the picturesque Waterpalace Taman Ujung.

Day 7

This day brings us to the ‘Mothertemple’ Besakih. From there we continue north to the little town of Kintamani on the edge of the huge Batur crater.

Besakih - Pura Gelap, by AI

Muncan Farmerswalk

Day 8

We check out of our hotel in Candidasa and move back to Sanur. On the way in Muncan, Suar the farmer and temple priest and his wife Subita await us for their “Farmers walk” through the tropical countryside and life in Bali. Later we may stop in Ubud for a stroll across the art market.


Day 9

Say goodbye to Bali: Today we take the plane to Yogyakarta! Our Yogya team picks us up at the airport and brings us to the beautiful Garden Hotel.

Dancer in Yogya

 With Dutch guests on the Borobudur

Day 10

In the morning a stroll over Malioboro street and its local markets. We then travel to the Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple, and its smaller companions, Mendut and Pawon temples, forming a geographical and spiritual line with the Borobudur.

Day 11

Today we explore the east of Yogyakarta: The still active excavation site Kedulan, Plaosan twin temples, and of course the spectacular Hindu temple Prambanan.

 Prambanan. Photo By Gunkarta Gunawan Kartapranata - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

 At the Kraton

Day 12

A day in town. We visit the Sultan’s Palace, the Kraton, and its water castle, Taman Sari and traditional Batik production. If you are interested, the Dutch Fort Vredeburg lies just in the neighbourhood. Optional, in the evening, witness the famous Ramayana Dance Performance!


Day 13

We move on to Jakarta! Arriving there around noon, we explore the North of the city, the old harbour and colonial buildings. In the evening a culinary stroll in the neighbourhood of our hotel.

 Sunda Kelapa Harbour

Bundaran HI

Day 14

An early start brings us to the Monas, Jakarta’s national monument, an impression of skyscrapers in the city centre, and to Kota Tua, the old town. We are back at noon to check out and get ready for the airport – Farewell from Indonesia, see you back!


The itinerary can be modified and combined with other destinations. We hope to accommodate your wishes and suggestions!