Jakarta – Access in short

Below, find short descriptions about the level of access to places of interest in Jakarta. 

For more detailed information with photos, please contact us.

On our tours, our team is ready to assist you in any way to overcome possible barriers. 

Dutch bridge in Jakarta

Fatahilla Square


It is possible to park / drop passengers right at the square. Access is easy, no steps and stairs. On weekends and holidays it can be crowded!


Step-free entrance and spacious enough on the groundfloor. There is a second floor with access only by stairs. The toilets are not equipped for wheelchair-users but relatively spacious. In Jakarta, go to big malls for accessible restrooms! 

Cafe Batavia

Wayang Museum

Access at the WAYANG MUSEUM

A couple of steps at the entrance, if you are on tour with us we bring our long ramp. Inside good access although not into every of the various courts, and a long and not too step ramp leading up into the second floor! You hardly find this a second time in Jakarta (or Indonesia).


Easy access on a long paved road along the pier. Its possible to get permission for entering by car to be picked up at the end of the pier.

Sunda Kelapa

Maritime Museum


Some steps at the entrance, some stone ramps inside but also a number of single steps. To the second floor only access by stairs.

Access at MONAS

Enter from the gate at the President’s Palace, which is the only accessible entrance point. It is easy to stroll around in the large park.
A tunnel with numerous stairs leads to the central part and to the monument itself, but you can get permission to pass through the otherwise locked gates above ground. The elevator to the top of the monument is not wheelchair-accessible, nor is the museum in the bottom of the tower, for which a wheelchair-stair lift is installed but out of order, last time we checked.