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Toraja, AI

Animistic traditions, empty white beaches and the remains of a turbulent colonial history:

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In Benteng Somba Opu

2 days in Makassar


Day 1: In the morning we visit Fort Rotterdam, representing 300 years of Dutch rule in Sulawesi. Lunch in one of Makassar’s numerous Seafood restaurants. In the afternoon: Benteng Somba Opu, the 17th-century citadel of the rulers of Makassar. A stroll through the large park, exploring the archaeological remains of the fort, finally visiting the musician Daeng Serang and his traditional drummers and watch their practice. In the late afternoon, we take a stroll along the city’s sea-side, Pantai Losari, to watch the famous sunset.

Samalona. Photo: Tourism Makassar -

Day 2: A boatstour to the Robinson Crusoe islands in front of Makassar for snorkling, sunbathing, swimming and picknicking!

5 days Toraja

Day 1: We start our journey to Toraja with an excursion to the limestone mountains of Maros, where ancient caves contain some of the oldest rock paintings known worldwide. The road, then, winds up through spectacular mountains covered with tropical forest into the heart of South Sulawesi. After a drive through the scenic land of the Bugis, arrival in Sengkang in the late afternoon, where we will stay overnight.

Karst Landscape, by AI


Day 2: Sengkang is the ‘Silk City’. We visit a traditional weaving factory where finest silk clothes are produced. Optionally, we go for a boat trip to the floating houses on the Tempe Lake in Sengkang. Lunch in a panorama restaurant in the mountains of Enrekang. Passing the city of Makale, we arrive in Rantepao, capital of North Toraja Regency, in the afternoon.

Toraja Burial Ceremony


Day 3: Today we explore the south of Toraja: A short drive brings us to the Tau Tau of Suaya, and the baby grave tree of Kambira. After lunch in a scenic restaurant, we take walk alongside a panorama road, followed by refreshments in a traditional setting. On the way back north we visit Lemo and/or Londa, famous stone graves nominated as UNESCO World Heritage.



Day 4: We are heading further north today. First stop is Palawa, a beautiful traditional village. The road then takes us high up into the slopes of Mountain Sesean and the area of Batutumonga, land above the clouds. The scenery gets more spectacular after every curve, until we reach Lokomata, which seems to be world’s end. In the afternoon, Kete Kesu will be our last stop: One of the oldest villages in Toraja, and, at the outskirts of the village, one of the spookiest burial sites.

Batutumonga. With I wheel travel


Day 5: We return to Makassar on a different route which takes us along South Sulawesi’s longest river, the Sungai Saddang, through endless rice fields and, finally, to the ocean. Lunch in the pretty coastal city Pare Pare. We arrive in Makassar in the late afternoon.

Pare Pare

On the way to Bira, by AI

4 days Bira


Day 1: A drive through Sulawesi’s fisher towns with several stops. Fancy a try of the famous Jeneponto horse soup? We arrive in Bira in the early afternoon, time for a rest or a walk at white beaches under coconut trees.

Boatbuilding in Tanah Beru, by AI

Day 2: We visit the traditional boat builders in Tanah Beru and have a lunch of home-cooked fresh fish (veggie version available!).

Bara Beach


Day 3: Bara Beach: White beach, palm trees, the warm ocean.

Tana Toa sign. By:SulSelBD

Day 4: Absolutely off the touristic tracks, Kajang people choose to live without electricity and modern technology. A visit to the main village, Tana Toa, requires permission by the village authorities and guests have to stick to their rules: No photos, black clothing, no shoes. After this very special trip we return back to Makassar, arriving there in the afternoon.