About us

Kerstin and Maureen in Bira, Sulawesi. Photo by Vifa / AI


AccessibleIndonesia is a project of the Dutch cooperative DARE THIS and the Dutch-Indonesian tour operator VIFA Holidays DMC Indonesia. To advocate for better accessibility in Indonesia, we work together with local Disabled People’s Organisations.  


VIFA Holiday logoVifa Holiday DMC Indonesia is specialised on full travel support throughout the whole journey. Based in Makassar, it is run by Indonesian Ms Kristin and the Dutchman Paul Fransz, who are committed to provide their services to ALL, including customers with disability.


Meet our Team

 At Lempyang with GRABO-TOURS, Photo by AI


Indonesia is not barrierfree yet. We try to balance this out as best as possible with our teams. We love good teamwork to give our guests a great time! 

Our teams generally consist of an Accessibility Organiser, one or more wheelchair assistants, and the driver(s). 



Kerstin AccessibleIndonesia


Kerstin will be your contact person to plan your journey to Indonesia, and will ensure smooth access during your holiday as far as possible and at all times. 

Kerstin comes from Germany and lives in Indonesia since 1998. She is trained as a physiotherapist and studied Indonesian history and Disability Studies. She worked in the field of rehabilitation and inclusive development for many years. As member of DARE THIS she is an accessibility advisor in particular for travel in Indonesia.  




Maureen supports our operations management and accompanies tours. 

Maureen is Indonesian and lives in Makassar, South Sulawesi. She studied and worked in hospitality & tourism and has a passion for her big dogs, Austrian cooking, travelling and FUN. 






Dwi is the Accessibility Advisor of AccessibleIndonesia.

Dwi lives in Solo, Central Java. She is a human rights activist working for Non-Government Organisations. As a women using a wheelchair to get around she knows the ins and outs of travelling in Indonesia with a disability .





Bjarne is Danish and used to be a teacher. He lives in Bali for very many years and has travelled the island with and – after an accident – without his legs. He is our unfailing resource for beautiful and wheelchair friendly spots in every corner of Bali.


Our Survey Team

Sang Ayu, Bali (wheelchair user)

I Gede Ketut Sentosa, Bali (wheelchair user)

Yayah Purnama, Yogyakarta (wheelchair user)

Maria Muslimatun, Yogyakarta (wheelchair user)

Bambang Permadi, Makassar (walking limitation)

Ida Ayu Putu Sudhiartini Damayanti, Yogyakarta (wheelchair user)