Yogyakarta – Day Trips

 Borobudur, by AI

Monumental ancient temples, Sultan palaces and volcanoes: Combine your own tour in and around Yogyakarta!


Day trip 1: Borobudur and Suroloyo Peak

Our main destination is the Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple. We also visit the small Mendut and Pawon temples, forming a geographical and spiritual line with the Borobudur. Lunch on the Borobudur temple complex. In the afternoon we drive up to Suroloyo Peak, a thousand meters up in the Menoreh mountains, with spectacular views into valleys and of volcanoes. Back to Yogyakarta through a scenery of paddy fields and rivers.

 With Dutch guests on the Borobudur

Day trip 2: Merapi Jeep tour and Prambanan

In the morning we drive up the Merapi volcano for an exciting jeep tour over the cold lava fields of its last eruption in 2010. Afterwards, we have lunch at a resort in the hills. An easy-going alternative to the lava tour is shopping at Malioboro Street, with lunch in town. In the afternoon we travel eastwards to see the spectacular Hindu temple Prambanan and its neighbour, the Buddhist temple Sewu.

 Prambanan. Photo By Gunkarta Gunawan Kartapranata - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=12089049

Day trip 3: The City 

A day in town. We visit the Sultan’s Palace, the Kraton, and its water castle, Taman Sari. Lunch at the Kraton. Close by lies the Dutch Fort Vredeburg and the shopping street Malioboro. In the evening, witness the famous Ramayana Dance Performance!

 At the Kraton, by AI

Day trip 4: Temple Tour!

Are you interested in some of the less obvious temples of Yogya and its surroundings? There are hundreds! We visit Candi Sambisari, which was buried five metres underground, Candi Kedulan, which is still in its excavation phase and we watch and talk with the archaeologists at work. We then continue to the amazing twin temples of Plaosan, before venturing on to the hill of Rato Boko!

 By Gunkarta, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4198914

Day trip 5: Railway museum, ancient bathing pools and Volcanoes

We take a trip northwards alongside the Volcanoes Merapi and Merabau. A stop at Candi Umbul with its old bathing pools, still used today! We continue to the town of Ambarawa and its Railway museum with a number of steam engines. Lunch at the beautiful Resort. The large Rawa Pening lake offers boot tours in stunning countryside.

 Tropical landscape in Central Java, by AI


These day trips can be modified and combined with other destinations. We hope to accommodate your wishes and suggestions!