Yogyakarta – Day Trips


Day trip 1: Malioboro Street and Borobudur

In the morning, a stroll through Malioboro Street to see daily Yogyakarta life and do some souvenier shopping. Lunch outside town, on the way to the Borobudur. Before entering the park of the world’s largest Buddhist monument, a short stop at Mendut and Pawon temples, forming a geographical-spiritual line with the Borobudur.


Day trip 2: Traditional market and Prambanan

In the morning visit to the traditional market of Kota Gede, where in addition to fruits and vegetables the famous Javanese medicinal herbal juices are offered and can be tasted. After lunch we head east to the Hindu temple Prambanan and its neighbor, the Buddhist temple Sewu. Dinner at sunset in the Rato Boko restaurant with a view of the wide Prambanan plain.

 Prambanan. Dwi Aryani

Day trip 3: The City 

A day in town. We visit the Sultan’s Palace, Kraton, its water castle, Taman Sari. Lunch in an Javanese restaurant. In the afternoon optionally the Dutch Fort Vredeburg or a workshop for Batik production.

 At the Kraton, AI

Day trip 4: Temple Tour!

Are you interested in more antique temples? There are hundreds! We show you Sambisari, once buried five metres under the earth, Kedulan, which is still in its excavation phase, and the twin temples of Plaosan. And, if possible, we bring you on to the hill of the Rato Boko palace!

 Plaosan, AI

Day trip 5: Volcano and Ramayana Ballet

A ride up to the volcano Merapi, to a jeep tour over the cold lava fields of its last eruption in 2010. Lunch in a resort in the mountains. In the evening, experience the famous Ramayana dance performance!

 Merapi tour, AI


These day trips can be modified and combined with other destinations. We hope to accommodate your wishes and suggestions!