Accessibility Survey at Bromo Volcano

Posted by Accessibleindonesia Sep 20, 2019 1 min read
Bromo from KingKong Viewpoint

Java, September 2019. Mount Bromo is an active volcano in eastern Java, and one of Indonesia’s major attractions. The fascinating landscape of bare volcanic cones in the middle of a sandy desert still gets a special flair through the influence of the Hindu mountain dwellers, an enclave in Islamic Java. A visit to the Bromo usually consists of an early morning jeep ride to one of the viewpoints on the outer crater rim to experience the sunrise from there. Then visitors drive down to the “see of sand”, which can be crossed either on foot or by horse, to then climb the crater rim of Bromo itself, and to look into the steaming inside of the earth.

Bromo Stairs
Bromo horse men

AccessibleIndonesia toured the Bromo in September 2019 to find out to what extent wheelchair users can experience this magnificent but hard to reach volcano.
Among the various hotels we found one that is relatively wheelchair friendly (for details please contact us). The next hurdle is the jeeps that a visitor has to transfer to. The wheelchair then fits folded in the back. There are several viewpoints for the sunrise with different barriers, and we have identified the easiest to reach, although here too a little “lifting” is necessary.

The hardest part is the inner crater. First, the ‘sea of sand’ must be crossed with the help of local helpers. But then you stand in front of a steep, sandy staircase, built into the crater wall. We are currently discussing how (and if) a visitor with a wheelchair can overcome this staircase. The crater rim itself offers sufficient secure space for a wheelchair. But it is already clear that only real adventures should venture the ascent. We’ll keep you up to date.

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