Assistance and equipment for accessible holidays in Bali and beyond.

To ensure smooth access as far as possible and throughout your holiday, we are there to assist you in any way. 

  • At our accompanied tours, we meet you at the Indonesian airport and from then on ensure to the best of our abilities that barriers are avoided, removed or overcome.

  • During your tour, we provide special wheelchairs, portable ramps, toilet support and other equipment in prior consultation with you.

  • We are at standby and are reachable via WhatsApp during your tour to provide information and support.

  • We organise accessibility everywhere and as far as possible. For example, we organise permission by the authorities to use side-entrances, thus avoiding stairs.

  • If you require personal care, we organise a nurse or a care taker for you, as frequently as needed.

Assistive Equipment

We have a stock of assistive devices, and do our best to organise other equipment you may need during your travel.

Medical Care

At every location, we are in contact with internationally recommended hospitals. We have good connections with English speaking doctors and other hospital staff who can assist in getting quality care in case this should be required.


If you have questions about assistance and equipment for accessible holidays in Bali and beyond, contact us: