Below, find short descriptions about accessibility in Bali.

On our tours, our team is ready to assist you in any way to overcome possible barriers.

At Tirta Empul
Tirta Empul

Access at TIRTA EMPUL temple

The area itself is easily accessible, several ramps are installed. Some ramps are rather steep. The central bathing area is surrounded by a wall with stairs, but it is possible to watch the bathing activities from the outside through a gate. The inner temple part can be entered through a side door.  A basin with holy springs is unfortunately hidden behind high walls and can not be seen from a sitting position. 

Access at GOA LAWAH temple

Several short stairs have to be negotiated to get into the inner yard. Within the small temple it is easy to move, there are no further steps. Definitely worthwhile.

Goa Lawah

Access at BESAKIH temple

There are plenty of stairs at Besakih. But:

On a sunny day, there is nothing better than to enjoy the spectacular view of the temple and volcano from one of the ground-levels. Our team assists with the short flights of stairs (a ramp has recently been installed but unfortunately is far too steep)

With special permission we can also go by car to the upper area of the temple, to the ‘Dark Tempel’, to view the great temple complex from above.

Access at TANAH LOT temple

Tanah Lot and Batu Bolong temples sit on rocks in the ocean. The easiest access is through the upper (northern) entrance where a good path along the coast offers magnificent views (one step).

To get closer to the Tanah Lot Rock, there is a southern entrance with a side path for wheelchair users. At low tide, it is possible to get onto the base of the rock, but it is very uneven, slippery and not at all suitable for wheelchairs.

The temple itself is closed, except for praying.

Tanah Lot
Taman Ayun

Access at TAMAN AYUN temple

The park is easy to visit with even paths and ramps, leading up to the gate of the main court and surrounding the main temple structure.


There are many small cafes along the panorama road, to sit and enjoy the view.

Some trekking paths leading down into the valley can be used with wheelchairs for some distance, before they turn into grassy paths between rice fields.


Access at ULUWATU temple

The Uluwatu temple sits on a cliff over the Indian Ocean. A path leads along the coastline to the left and right of the temple, offering fantastic views from the top of the cliff at the temple and the sea. The paths are equipped with several ramps.

The temple itself is only accessible by stairs. The stairs on the right-side entrance are easier than the central ones.

Access at LEMPUYANG temple

The remote complex consists of 6 individual temples high up into the mountain, alongside 1700 steps.

We only visit the first temple, amazing Penataran Agung. With permission from the traditional village chief we use a side street with our car that leads up to the top of this first temple. From there it is about 200 meters down the path and then a few steps into the court with its magnificent views!

Sadly, the selfy & Instagram mania nowadays brings hundreds of visitors to the previously deserted place, who all line up and wait for hours for a photo in the now famous split gate. 

Lempuyang sideway


Most paths are even and equipped with slopes or ramps, making a round trip in the forest relatively easy. The entrance, which used to be wheelchair-friendly and even has been signposted as such, is, after some recent renovations, now a bit more difficult to manoever.  

Access at SAHADEWA STAGE in Batubulan 

The auditorium can be entered without stairs if you use the exit on the left side.
Seats in the first row can be reserved for wheelchair users or people with visual impairments. The chairs can be removed. 

Batubulan Sahadewa Stage
Buddhist Tempel Bali

Access at the BUDDHIST MONASTERY Brahnavihar Arama Budha Banjar 

The terraced complex has numerous stairs. With permission we use a back entrance and go by car to mid-level. A slope leads up to the top level.

Access at ULUN DANU BERATAN temple

The park area up to the lake’s shore is easy to explore. Paths have few slopes, are mostly smooth but in parts a bit bumpy. There are several integrated ramps.

Ulun Danu
Tenganan Village


The village is easy to enter via installed ramps. Paths and slopes inside are partly very bumpy, although distances are only short. It is possible to enter at least two houses via ramps.


We can enter the park through a side-gate to avoid stairs. Exploring the large park is easy on even paths.

Some buildings within the park can only be entered by stairs.

Taman Ujung


Kintamani is a small town on the ancient rim of the Batur volcano. Enjoy the fantastic view on lake and volcano from the terrace of an easy accessible restaurant.

If you have questions about accessibility in Bali, contact us.