Village Tenganan of the Bali Aga

Bali Aga are the indigenous people of Bali, who inhabited the island before the expansion of the Hindu Majapahit kingdom from Java. They eventually fled into the mountains to preserve their ways of life. The Bali Aga have strict rules about village life, and follow a great number of rites and rituals to maintain their bodily and spiritual purity and integrity. Only 50 years ago they still were known as one of the most secluded societies in Indonesia.

Nowadays only very few villages remain as isolated as they were. While the Trunyan village at the Mount Batur lake is still difficult to visit, Penglipuran is rather touristic. Tenganan presents itself in a more traditional and quiet way. The people of Tenganan are famous for their traditional, sacred geringsing clothes, produced in the rare and demanding double-ikat method.



The village is relatively easy accessible via some, albeit very bumpy, ramps built into the structure of the village. For detailed information with photos about accessibility at Tenganan contact us.