Candidasa. Accessible wheelchair travel in Bali

Bali for All

Bali is not entirely barrier-free. In Hinduism, levels and stairs are an important part of the philosophy surrounding a temple – there are a lot of stairs. However, travel with a wheelchair in Bali is possible, and visitors with disabilities can certainly explore the many sides of Bali. We bring you there!

Our Bali Day Trips take you to all the great destinations – put your own tour together with us. You can also combine visiting Bali with a trip to Yogyakarta or Sulawesi.

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Travel with a wheelchair in Bali – Where to go

Bali is known as the island of the Gods. Hinduism is alive in everyday life and one encounters ceremonies and offers to the Gods at every turn. The countryside of mountains, terraced rice paddies and forests is covered with temples of every size. Famous for the white sandy beaches in the touristic south, the centre of Bali is dominated by volcanoes, led by Mount Agung, the Great Mountain, with magnificent lakes in green valleys. Traditional arts and crafts include wild ritual dances, gamelan music, wood carvings and paintings. 

We bring you to the best places in Bali and make sure you can get there when you are having a disability or travel with a wheelchair.

The ancient bathing pools of Tirta Empul were built around a holy spring. Still today it is well used for cleansing ceremonies by the Balinese. 


Travel with a wheelchair in Bali. Tirta Empul, by Marjan den Boer on AI tour
Goa Lawah, by GeertLijnes-AI-tour

Goa Lawah temple with  thousands of bats is allegedly connected by a tunnel to the mother temple Besakih in the mountains.

Pura Besakih, AI 2016

Besakih, Mother temple, is the most important, largest and holiest temple of Hindu religion in Bali, built on sacred Mount Agung.

Travel with a wheelchair in Bali. Batu Bolong at Tanah Lot, by AI

Famous Tanah Lot sits on an offshore rock in the ocean, offering spectacular views, especially, but not only, at sunsets.

Travel with a wheelchair in Bali. Taman Ayun. Photo by AI.

Pura Taman Ayun, the ‘temple of the beautiful garden’ features traditional architecture with Chinese inspiration.


The Jatiluwih valleys and hills are covered with rice terraces cultivated in line with the traditional Subak system, an UNESCO world heritage site.

Uluwatu, Rollstuhlreisen in Bali

The Uluwatu temple sits on a cliff over the Indian Ocean, at the very south of Bali on the peninsula Nusa Dua

Wheelchair travel in Bali. Lempuyang, by AI

Lempuyang temple in the east of Bali is built into the slopes of Lempuyang mountain, offering spectacular views on great Mount Agung. 


At Sangeh Monkey Forest giant nutmeg trees surround a mysterious temple inhabited by clans of monkeys.

Kecak. Travel with a wheelchair in Bali

Dance and music are defining elements of Balinese life and culture. The Kecak Fire Dance is one of the most impressing ones. If you travel with a wheelchair in Bali or have a disability, enjoy the performance from an easy accessible theatre!

Buddhist Monastery. Photo by AI.

Bali’s biggest Buddhist temple and monastery, Brahmavihara Arama Budha Banjar, is located in the hills above Lovina in northern Bali.

Ulun Danu

Ulun Danu Beratan temple is beautifully located at the shores of Lake Beratan in central Bali, 1200 meter above sea-level.

Tenganan village. Photo by AI

The village Tenganan of the indigenous Bali Aga people follows strict rules for life to maintain their bodily and spiritual integrity.

Taman Ujung. Travel with a wheelchair in Bali

Taman Ujung is an old palace, surrounded by pools and integrated with the natural landscape of ocean and mountains.