Borobudur – Lobbying for wheelchair access

Posted by Accessibleindonesia May 20, 2019 1 min read
Borobudur meeting for easy access

Borobudur, Central Java, May 2019. We had a very productive meeting with the head of the Borobudur Conservation Office today. We discussed solutions for guests with disabilities to enjoy this great temple just like anybody else.

The Borobudur is an UNESCO World heritage site and there are strickt rules to protect the ancient stones and structure. Recently, our previous permission to bring wheelchair-using guests up on to the temple had been withdrawn. We therefore asked some of Indonesian’s best-known disability activists to support us in this matter: Pak Sunarman Sukamto, who works at the Presidential Office and Mbak Dwi Ariyani from Solo Raya Accessible Tourism. 

At an official meeting with the head of the Borobudur Conservation Office and his team, we discussed solutions to satisfy both requirements: protection of the temple and the right of wheelchair users to admire and enjoy this cultural monument.

The Conservation Office decided to develop Standard Operational Procedures. In the meantime, we will communicate with the Office previous to every visit to seek support and permission for easy access. The head of the Conservation Office announced that it will be allowed to use a wheelchair on the first galery, as long as facilitated and supervised by the temple security officers. 

Thank you everybody for your great support!

Borobudur meeting

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