'Little Borobudur' on top of Buddhist Monastry

Bali’s biggest Buddhist temple and monastery, located in the hills above Lovina in northern Bali. The north of Bali has a lot of Buddhist influence, going back to the 6th century when Buddhist monks started to settle on the island. Built in 1960-70, the monastery is still used, there are meditation rooms, libraries and numerous places, corners and gardens filled with gold Buddha statues. The complex is terraced; on the highest level a small version of the Borobudur in Central Java has been erected. The architecture and design mixes Buddhist elements (orange roof, gold Buddha statues and stupas) with Balinese ornamentation.


Access for wheelchair users to the various parts of the terraced complex is difficult, but via a back entrance and by permission it is possible to get to the top level without stairs. For detailed information with photos about accessibility at the monastery contact us.

Buddhist Monastry