Bukit Dagi is a hill 300 meters west of the Borobudur, located inside the extensive Borobudur Park. With 275 meter above sea level, in the 8th century it was used, allegedly, as watch tower during the building of the Borobudur. Today it is covered with pines, with a clearing on top of the hill. The Borobudur lies in the East, jutting out from the morning mist of tropical forests at sunrise.

View from Bukit Dagi


Concrete stairs with 204 steps lead through the forest up to the clearing. A small road winds up from the back to bring guests up to the scenic outpost by car. There are some benches on the clearing, and we can organize more for guests to enjoy a very atmospheric hot coffee or tea in the early morning.

For detailed information about accessibility at Dagi Hill contact us.