It is often suggested, that a worshipper’ journey to the Borobudur would have passed along the nearly straight line connecting it with two other Buddhist temples, Candi Mendut and Candi Pawon. There also are some speculations that such a passage might have started at Candi Ngawen, nearly five kilometers more to the East. In any case, a line running over these monuments about points onto the peak of Mount Merapi, the volcano towering over the Borobudur plain.

The inner chamber of Candi Mendut contains three large statues, in all probability carved on the site from single blocks before the upper sections of the temple were finished around them. The cella’s ceiling soars about 14 m above the statues. Looming enigmatically in the faint light inside this impressive chamber, already the first western visitors found their arrangement and execution to be “something especially dramatic; as it has been represented here, it is animated, and it is active, the observer can feel it” – thus the Dutch painter H. N. Sieburgh, who visited Mendut in the 1830s.

Mendut inner chamber

Map Borobudur - Pawon - Mendut


It is relatively easy to get around the complex and explore the temple from the ground-level. Getting up the temple is more difficult as stairs are steep. We provide portable ramps for the few steps, and organise carriers for adventurous wheelchair users to get up to the chamber.

For detailed information with photos about accessibility at Candi Mendut contact us.