A small jewel of Javanese temple architecture. Its walls are carved with Buddhist narratives and symbols, including a representation of the tree of life, kalpataru, on its back wall.


Tree of life at Pawon

It has been proposed, that worshippers heading for the Borobudur spiritually prepared themselves by passing through two other Buddhist temples that lie on a nearly straight line with the big mother temple: Candi Mendut and Candi Pawon. In any case, a line running over these three monuments points onto the peak of the Merapi, the volcano towering over the Borobudur plain.

Map of Borobudur, Pawon and Mendut


It is easy to get around on the temple complex. Exploring the upper level of the temple is more difficult, and since the chamber is empty, actually nicer to enjoy its beauty from the ground level. For detailed information with photos about accessibility at Candi Pawon contact us.