Are you planning a cruise to Indonesia? We organise your day excursions!



Indonesia’s capital and mega city. An early start brings us to the Monas, the country’s national monument, and an impression of skyscrapers in the city centre. We move on to Kota Tua, the old town, with Fatahilla Square and its old colonial buildings. Sunda Kelapa is the old harbour, where still today traditional schooners travel between the archipelago’s islands.
 Sunda Kelapa Harbour, AI


The famous Borobodur is a must to visit when you come to Indonesia! We pick you up at the harbour in Semarang and bring you there. Enjoy the trip alongside volcanoes, rice fields, rivers and lakes. After exploring the monumental Candi Borobudur we have lunch and then move back to Semarang. Alternatively, we offer a sightseeing tour of Semarang, including the old colonial city, the Sam Pho Kong Chinese Temple and the Semarang Grand Mosque.


A city tour through a trade city full of history. We visit the Ample market and its famous old Mosque, the House of Sampoerna and the Mirota Batik store, the Chinese and the Madurese quarters, the Arab market and the old Hotel Majapahit. There is plenty of opportunity to see the life of Surabaya people and to taste their local food.
 Surabaya at Ampel Market
 Tegalalang, AI


There is much to do and see in Bali! We pick you up at the harbour and you can combine your own tour from our examples of day trips!  


A glimpse of Sulawesi! We visit the traditional port of Paotere in the morning when it is the busiest, and Pasar Terong, a market with local specialties. Also on the program: The Dutch fortress Rotterdam and the large park of Benteng Somba Opu with traditional wooden houses of all ethnic groups of Sulawesi. Lunch by the sea, where you can also buy the famous Toraja coffee.