International Day of Persons with Disabilities celebrated in Indonesia

Posted by Accessibleindonesia Dec 6, 2016 1 min read
International Disability Day

Makassar, December 2016

As every year, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities has been celebrated around the world on 3rd December 2016. In Indonesia, celebrations and special events were reported from almost every bigger city, from Bali over Java to Sumatra. AccessibleIndonesia joint the festivities in Makassar, capital of South Sulawesi.

In Makassar, several coalitions of Disabled Persons’ Organisations joint forces and gathered at Karebosi Square in the middle of town. The City Government joint in with a special event to raise awareness about disability: thousands of school kids were engaged to re-type thousands of books into world-files, so that they can be accessed by people with visual impairments.

Celebrations in Bali

School kids at International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Activist from the D/deaf Community

Most promintent -next to the swarms of school kids- was the colourful group of D/deaf people who had dressed up as Pantomimes and performed a traditional dance for the large audience.

The mayor of Makassar actively participated in the event, and we all hope that this day will add awareness about disability and the many barriers Indonesian people with disabilities are still facing in their daily lifes.

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