Bundaran HI. Travel with a wheelchair in Jakarta

Jakarta for All

The Capital of Indonesia, a Megacity famous for its traffic jams. Jakarta is not very accessible and it is difficult to obtain services from transport to mobility equipment. However, travel with a wheelchair in Jakarta is possible, and visitors with disabilities can certainly explore the many sides of this crazy city. We offer you support!

You can combine visiting Jakarta with a trip to YogyakartaBali or Sulawesi.

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Travel with a wheelchair in Jakarta – Where to Go

Jakarta has more than 10 Million inhabitants; in the wider metropolitan area of Jabodetabek live over 30 million people. For sightseeing, the north of Jakarta is most interesting with its remains of Dutch colonialism in the Old Town and the traditional harbour Sunda Kelapa. The city center offers skyscrapers and hypermalls, slum areas and congested streets. In the south, Taman Mini is a huge recreation and museum areal, while further south the cities of Bogor and Bandung offer a large botanic garden, active volcanoes and tea planations.

We bring you to the best places in Jakarta and make sure, you can get there when you are having a disability or travel with a wheelchair.

Fatahilla Square is the historical center of the old Batavia, what is now called Old Town. The large square is surrounded by colonial buildings, housing the Jakarta History Museum, the Wayang Museum, the Fine Art and Ceramics Museum and the famous Cafe Batavia.

If you travel with a wheelchair in Jakarta or have a disability, we make access easier for you!

Fatahilla Square. Travel with a wheelchair in Jakarta
Cafe Batavia. Travel with a wheelchair in Jakarta

Cafe Batavia is a restaurant with great interior design inside a 19th-century colonial building at Fatahilla Square.

Wayang museum. Travel with a wheelchair in Jakarta

The Wayang museum in another colonial building at Fatahilla Square displays an extensive collection of Javanese wayang puppetry.

Sunda Kelapa. Travel with a wheelchair in Jakarta

Sunda Kelapa is the traditional harbour crowded with wooden sailing (motor) ships for inter-island trade.

Maritime Museum. Rollstuhlreisen in Jakarta

An old Dutch warehouse hosts the Maritime Museum with model boats and a variety of objects from Indonesia’s long maritime history.

Jakarta. Rollstuhlreisen in Jakarta

Down Town Jakarta has street canyons  with a mixture of luxury cars, clattering motor taxis, motorbikes,  fancy restaurants and street vendors. You will find people everywhere.

Monas. Rollstuhlreisen in Jakarta

The National Monument ‘Monasat Freedom Square, close to the President’s Palace, symbolizes  Indonesia’s  independence struggle.

Traditional house West Sumatra. Rollstuhlreisen in Jakarta

Taman Mini is a large recreational park displaying the local customs of all the  different ethnics and cultures in Indonesia.

_By (WT-en) Jpatokal at English Wikivoyage, CC BY-SA 3.0, httpscommons.wikimedia.orgwindex.phpcurid=22934775

The Botanical Gardens in Bogor, at two hours from Jakarta, were founded in 1817. The gardens are the oldest of their kind in Southeast Asia.