Rice fields

Jatiluwih is a hilly area on the way to Bedugul, covered with terraced rice fields, offering wonderful views from flashy green to all-yellow, depending on the stadium of the rice plants. The rice fields are managed through -and are part of- Subak, a water management (irrigation) system developed in the 9th century. This traditional co-operative system regulates water usage for the community of rice farmers under the authority of the priests in water temples. It is based on a complex philosophy promoting a harmonious relationship between the gods, nature and humans. Since 2012, Subak is enlisted as a UNESCO world heritage site.

A shrine in a rice field


The panorama road along the landscape of rice terraces has various spots to get out and stroll or wheel alongside the road, although it gets rather narrow when a car is passing. There are many small cafes to sit and enjoy the view. Some trekking paths leading down into the valley can be used with wheelchairs for some distance, before they turn into grassy paths between rice fields.

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