Lava Tour at Mount Merapi becomes more accessible

Lava Tour at Mount Merapi becomes more accessible

Yogyakarta, December 2015

Wheelchair user in front of 2 jeeps at lava tour Mount Merapi Yogyakarta

Lava Jeep Tour, Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta

When AccessibleIndonesia together with Dwi Ariyani and her family visited Mount Merapi in October 2015 to embark on a Lava Tour, we brought a portable foldable platform with ramp with us, so that Dwi could easily get from her wheelchair onto the high Jeep seat. This worked well, also due to the active support of the Lava Tour organisers and Jeep owners. They thought, how cumbersome it is when people have to bring their own ramp! And so they planned to build their own device, to make getting onto the seats easier for people using a wheelchair, for elderly people or just anybody else.

No sooner said than done: A month later we received the news that a wooden, adjustable ramp has been completed!

We congratulate the Land Cruiser Community for their swift response to the rights of visitors with disabilities!

Contact: Land Cruiser Community Kaliadem, Cangkringan Selman. Ibu Yati: 0851 2928 0592

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