The Limestone Mountains of Maros, 30 Kilometers north of Makassar, contain the oldest rock art known worldwide, embedded in a spectacular scenario of high rock towers and green valleys. In many of the hundreds of caves and rock shelters the walls are covered with negative handprints and drawings of animals, particularly of the endemic babirusa or deer-pig. The oldest piece of art was dated to at least 37,900 (or 39,900) BCE – older than similar findings in European caves. 

Animal and hand paintings

Only some of the many caves are accessible for visitors at all – most of them are hidden deep in the mountains and out of sight. Some caves can only be reached on long ladders or staircases, while others are practically on ground level. Famous is the Timpuseng Cave, the location of the worldwide oldest known painting. Apart from paintings, remains of food and cocking waste and stone tools have been found in many caves and rock shelters. Sharpened stones are till lying around in the gravel, or can be seen embedded in walls. 

Leang Burung I from Inside-Out
Limestone Mountains


Driving through the landscape is worth the visit already. Some caves can be seen and looked into from the road. Some of the caves are within possible reach for visitors with mobility limitations. For detailed information with photos about accessibility at Leang Leang contact us.