Malioboro is Yogyakarta’s most famous street, and for many Indonesian visitors one of the highlights of their visit to Yogyakarta: It is crowded with hundreds of small stalls selling a wide variety of handicrafts, art, batiks and textiles along the walkways in front of the shop-houses that line the street.

Lying on a line that connects Mount Merapi in the North, the Sultan’s palace in the Centre, and the Indian Ocean in the South and thus symbolising a major axis of Javanese mysticism, the road in former time was a stage for royal processions. Folklore has it that for receptions of honoured guests or wedding parades of the royal family the road would be covered with flowers – hence its name is said to be derived from Sanskrit malya bhara, ‘bearing garlands of flowers’.




The Sideways at Malioboro are relatively easy to walk or wheel on, however overcrowded in the afternoon and evening. Some shops provide easy access. 

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