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Posted by Accessibleindonesia May 2, 2017 1 min read
Bath in Gammara

Makassar, April 2017

Makassar, capital of South Sulawesi and starting point for trips to Toraja, has around 14.000 hotel rooms. Now, five of them are wheelchair accessible. This small number is very sad, but we are happy about every room that is added. AccessibleIndonesia visited the new Gamara hotel to have a look at their two wheelchair-friendly rooms. Pak Rahman, director of the local disability organisation PERDIK, joint us to provide his input from the perspective of a person with low-vision.

We were friendly welcomed and shown around. The hotel has stairless access to the lobby; however the reception desk is designed only for standing people. The elevator has low buttons equipped with braille and a handrail running around the elevator walls.

The floors leading to the rooms are covered with thick carpet, not that easy to roll on. The two wheelchair-friendly rooms are on floor 5 and 6. The rooms are relatively spacious, have wide doors (that is, wide for Indonesian standard: the room door is 85 cm wide, bathroom sliding door opens to 80 cm), the bathroom is equipped with several grab bars, roll-in shower and shower chair. Outdoors, two swimming pools have low steps and handrails. A wheelchair-accessible toilet is available in the lobby area but not at the pools. Ramps lead down to the pool area, which are a bit too steep and don’t (yet) have proper handrails. The stairs next to the ramps are deeper than standard and thus may be difficult to walk on for people with visual impairment. 

Despite some room for improvement, we are glad about these two new accessible rooms in Makassar and hope for much more to come!

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Gammara Pool
Survey at Gammara

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