Prambanan Temple supports Visitors with Disability

Prambanan Temple supports Visitors with Disability

Yogyakarta, February 2017

The pro-active support and action of the Conservation Office for the Prambanan temple made it possible that a family from Hongkong with a wheelchair-using family member, who visited Yogyakarta with AccessibleIndonesia, could get easy access to the spectacular temple complex. The great Prambanan usually is not very easy to visit for people using a wheelchair. Several flights of stairs obstruct access to the central courtyard with its 16 temples and shrines. The final stairs onto the courtyard are steep and no handrails helps visitors with mobility limitation.

While the Conservation Office and Park Management is committed to improve access, this has not been accomplished yet. We therefore contacted the Conservation Office beforehand to ask for their support for our guests from abroad.

Without much delay this was granted and an officer was assigned to meet us at the entrance. He guided us around to a small road used for restauration work and not usually open to the public. Although bumpy, this road led us directly onto the courtyard, avoiding all stairs. After strolling around between the tall temples, we were then permitted to use our vehicle to get to the Sewu temple, 800 meters away, since the small train going there cannot be entered with a wheelchair.

Thanks to the hands-on support of the Conservation Office, our guests could enjoy the amazing Prambanan and Sewu temples. AccessibleIndonesia expresses its deep appreciation and hopes that smooth access will soon be possible for every visitor with disability!

At Sewu Tempel with Staff from the Conservation Office