Ratu Boko

A couple of kilometers south of the Prambanan stands Ratu Boko, an extensive compound of terraces, gates, pools, temple bases, meditation caves and other structures built on a plateau rising steeply to nearly 200 m above sea level. Its function remains unknown; a number of short inscriptions and other archaeological finds, however, imply that the site probably was a fortified monastery and/or palace complex catering to both Hindu and Buddhist faith.

Largest terrac Ratu Boko


Ratu Boko is not an easy place to visit if stairs are a main barrier for you. We provide portable ramps for fewer steps, and organise carriers for those wheelchair users who want to explore this fascinating place. Getting on the hill by car up to the foot of the palace to enjoy the view from the restaurant is worth the trip as well.

For detailed information with photos about accessibility at Ratu Boko contact us.