Taman Sari

The remains of the royal gardens and pleasance, constructed in the 18th century around an artificial lake. The garden and the various structures it contained were heavily looted during the British attack on Yogyakarta in 1812, leaving much of it in shambles; after the lake drained in the wake of a major earthquake in 1867, the area became settled by squatters, turning it into a maze of interlocked modern and historic buildings and ruins.

The various edifices of the original garden had many different functions –resting and meditation, defence and hiding–, making it is easy to get lost in the maze of narrow paths above and underground. Of the various structures, only the bathing complex has been completely restored.


Taman Sari has many facets. There are beautiful parts that can be reached without or only minor steps, by using sideways. Other parts are only accessible via stairs. We provide portable ramps for the fewer steps, and organise carriers for adventurous wheelchair users to overcome longer stairs.

For detailed information with photos about accessibility at Taman Sari contact us.

Taman Sari East Gate