Taman Ujung

A former palace surrounded by pools and integrated with the natural landscape of ocean, mountain, terraced hills and springs. It was built by local loyalty, the King of Karangasem, in the early 20th Century, involving Dutch, Chinese and Balinese architects. European influence is visible in the coloured glass windows of the King’s resting place.

The Palace has been designed, however, following Balinese cosmology. The mouth of rivers and shores of the ocean are the place where the magic powers from the mountains unite and are then distributed with the ocean to the people. Mountains, on the other hand, hold unchallenged power. They are the place of the ancestors and, with the arrival of Hinduism, also of the gods. The Ujung Taman Water Palace is located in between these two, mountains and shores, and concentrates the magic powers for the benefit of the people.

Taman Ujung was used by the king to rest, meditate and to receive guests. It was heavily damaged twice, by the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963 and an earthquake in 1975.

Nowadays, beautifully renovated, it contains three pools, depending on the season covered with white and pink lotus flowers. A building in the middle of one of these pools, reached over ornamented bridges, exhibits photos and daily items of the former Karangsem kings.

From a gate on a hill (nowadays frequented for wedding shots) a view opens up over the blue ocean and green hills with a backdrop of sacred mountains, the water palace in between.


Access is possible through a side way, upon permission of the guards. Strolling around in the park is barrier-free on smooth paths, however some structures within the park are not so easy to access. We provide portable ramps and organise carriers and other assistance where needed.

For detailed information with photos about accessibility at Taman Ujung contact us.

Taman Ujung Royal Photo