Tirta Empul

Tirta Empul, meaning Holy Spring in Balinese, is a water temple, founded over a thousand years ago (962 A.D) at a spring of the Pakerisan river. It is said that the god Indra created the spring after he was poisoned, by piercing the earth. The fountain revived him and brought back to live his dead warriors, sprayed with it. Since then the sacred spring is used by Balinese for their curative properties.

There are several different pools on the temple complex. The central pool contains two bathing sections with water sprouting out of 30 fountains. Local people usually line up in the water to get their time at a water sprout for ritual purification. Hundreds of huge koi fish swim in a large pool in the front part of the complex, next to a small cafe. The back part, on the highest level, contains a pool with crystal clear holy water that bubbles out from springs on the bottom of the pool.

Women at Tirta Empul

Kids at Tirta Empul


Many parts of Tirta Empul are easy accessible. To get directly to the edge of central pool (for taking a bath yourself) requires overcoming some steps. Side ways make it possible to get to the back, the inner part of the temple. We provide ramps and organise carriers where needed. For detailed information with photos about accessibility at Tirta Empul contact us.