Bara Beach Sulawesi, by AI


.... is not always barrier free. The island is remoter than Bali and Java and accessible facilities are more difficult to find. Nevertheless, also for travellers with disabilities is it possible to discover Sulawesi. Explore Sulawesi with us!

Our Sulawesi Tours take you to all the great destinations. You can combine visiting Sulawesi with a trip to Yogyakarta  or Bali.

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Where to Go

Sulawesi, former Celebes, located between Kalimantan (Borneo) and Maluku is divided by the equator. High volcanic mountains are covered with dense forests, while vast rice fields stretch through its valleys and plains. Famous are the Toraja, an ethnic group living in a spectacular countryside of rugged mountains and lush valleys. Many of their beliefs and values are still deeply rooted in ancient animistic practices, as for example their lavish and exotic, if bloody, funeral traditions. Makassar, formerly Ujung Pandang, has been the site of numerous fierce wars between coalitions of Portuguese, Dutch and the local people. Today, history is still alive in the proud Makassarese.


Toraja is known for their impressive boat-shaped traditional houses decorated with colourful wood carvings, and for their burial sites carved into rocky cliffs. To preserve the beauty of their setting and surroundings, a group of 10 Toraja settlements has been submitted to UNESCO for world heritage nomination.


Kete Kesu is one of the oldest villages in Toraja and has a rather spooky burial site at the outskirts of the village.

Kete Kesu AI 2016
Sengkang weaving, AI 2016

Sengkang is the ‘Silk City’. Finest silk clothes are produced using traditional methods in homes and small factories.

Landscape in South Sulawesi

The scenic land of the Bugis: Endless rice fields stretch between mountains covered with tropical forest.

Baby Grave Tree at Kambira

Kambira, a small village, a bamboo forest with an ancient baby grave tree - A mystical experience in the morning mist.


Londa and Lemo are two famous rock grave sites with numerous graves and Tau Tau set up into a steep cliff.

Tau Tau in Suaya, AI 2016

Suaya is a royal burial site and an easy accessible location to see the Tau-Tau, wooden images of the deceased.

Batutumonga, AI 2016

Batutumonga: A breathtaking journey into the slopes of Mount Sesean to the tranquility of the remote Lokomata rock.

Bori, AI 2016

On the Ceremonial ground of Bori over a hundred menhirs have been erected in honor of the deceased.

Traditional weaving in Palawa, AI 2016

A beautiful, rather forgotten village with large, boat-shaped houses, Palawa is one of the last centers of traditional weaving.


 Musicians in Benteng Somba Opu


The Makassarese have a reputation for their rough character, particularly in comparison to the soft-spoken Javanese. The city mirrors this with a distinctive charm. Among Makassar’s attractions are the Dutch Fort Rotterdam and the Makassarese Benteng (Fort) Somba Opu, located in a large park. At Pantai Losari, Makassar’s ocean waterfront, numerous foot stalls open up in the evening and offer local specialties.
Limestone hills, the world’s second largest karst area, in the north of the city contain a number of caves with prehistoric rock paintings, amongst which is the oldest known work of art produced by man.

On the left see the famous drummer Daeng Serang and his band. He lives and teaches in a small wooden house in Benteng Somba Opu and we are always welcome to say hello during our visit there.

Fort Rotterdam, with Aurelie, AI 2017

The colonial Fort Rotterdam, located at the sea-side in Makassar, represents Dutch rule in Sulawesi for nearly 300 years.

A traditional House in Benteng Somba Opu's Park, AI 2015

The citadel of the Sultans of Gowa, Benteng Somba Opu, is now an open-air museum in an extensive park at the outskirts of Makassar.

Pantai Losari Buffalo, AI

Paotere is a traditional port where goods from all over the archipelago are loaded and unloaded from large traditional wooden ships.

Rock Painting in a Cave in Maros, AI 2014

Leang Leang Caves: The limestone Mountains of Maros contain the oldest rock paintings known worldwide.