A turtle called ‘Abi’

Posted by Accessibleindonesia Aug 23, 2017 2 min read
Turtle Abi set free in the ocean

Turtles at Turtle Rescue CenterBali, July 2017
We visited the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre (TCEC) on Serangan Island, south of Denpasar, where we adopted a young turtle and released it into the ocean! What an experience!

A member of the staff immediately took us around on a tour through the centre. We started with the hatchery, where eggs, that had been collected and thus saved at various beaches in Bali, were bred.

We went on to a bigger pool with ‘grown ups’, and came then to a large area with numerous basins for turtles of all kinds, sizes and ages.


Turtle hatcheryHuge groups of youngsters, born in the centre, were paddling around or chasing each other.

Injured turtles -most of the injuries are causes by us human beings!- were taken care of in other ponds.

There was also a corner for disabled young turtles, in need of extra care before (if) they can be realised to the sea.




Turtle Abi got selectedAs a means of fundraising, the centre offers to adopt young turtles ready that are to ‘leave’.

Maureen fished one small devil out of the pond, who really looked like being ready. We named him or her (one only knows when they have reached a substantial age…) “Abi”, short from Accessible Indonesia.

Turtle Abi into the oceanTogether with other adoptive parents and their little buckets containing their turtle, we went by car to the beach 15 Minutes away, crossing the small island.

There we were instructed to carefully let our Abi into the sand a meter away from the water, from where she (must be a she) instantly took off towards the ocean.

A lot of cheering went on from all parities, all exited to direct their turtle towards the water. All made it of course and began to float and paddle in this shallow part of the wide wide ocean, where they hopefully won’t get injured or caught again by us humans.

The TCEC are easy accessible with a wheelchair. The beach is sandy but not very broad; wheelchair using adoptive parents will certainly be able to get to the shore to see their kid off! Great experience!

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