Fort Vredeburg, close to the southern end of Malioboro, is a colonial fortress built in the late 1760s. Its location was chosen by the first sultan of Yogyakarta as base for a Dutch guard that was officially attached to the forces of the Sultanate. Vredeburg never was much of a stronghold: Described by an English officer as ‘but ill calculated for any other use than as a depot for military stores’, the only occasion it became part of a war was during the brief British siege and attack on the Sultan’s palace in 1816.

Festung Vredeburg
Colonial buildings Yogyakarta. Photo by Gert Lijnes AI-tour18

Severely damaged in the earthquake of 1867, the fort was reconstructed in the following decade, and its original name ‘Rustenburg’ (‘the Castle of Respite’) changed for its modern appellation, ‘the Castle of Peace’, allegedly referring to the prevailing amity between the Yogyakarta’s Sultan and the Dutch colonial administration. Today, some of the buildings have been converted into an ‘Independence Struggle Museum’, displaying historical events in (here and there somewhat funny) showcases.

Other buildings from the colonial era, the Central Post Office and several Bank buildings are located in the neighbourhood.


The complex is easy accessible, except for the restrooms. For detailed information with photos about accessibility at Fort Vredeburg contact us.